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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ragnarok Online 2 - Legend of The Second

Ragnarok Online 2 - Legend of The Second - 1 DVD

Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the second is a recently released MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) by AsiaSoft. Open beta testing was started on the 3rd of January 2013 and is still ongoing, game download and registration are still available at Ragnarok Online 2 has been one of the most awaited MMORPGs, the reason behind this being its popular predecessor, Ragnarok Online, which still remains as one of the most popular and most played MMORPGs today. Ragnarok Online 2 was first released in Korea, but game dialogue was in Korean which made it difficult for players from other countries to play. With the release of the Southeast Asia version of the game, players from all countries are able to experience Ragnarok Online 2.

Ragnarok Online 2:LoTS separates itself from its predecessor, Ragnarok Online, in a number of ways, but still keeps some elements from the first game. From a 2D playing perspective on Ragnarok, Ragnarok Online 2:LoTS is played in a large 3D world. Monster names, Item names, and City names have also been absorbed from the first game, while adding some new ones to keep the gaming experience fresh. This mix of old and new, lets Ragnarok Online 2:LoTS interest experienced Ragnarok players and new players, as well.

Some classes still remain from Ragnarok online, such as the swordsman, mage, acolyte and archer. Merchant classes were removed and was added into a new gaming feature exclusively on Ragnarok Online 2:LoTS, the profession system. Players are able to choose from four combat professions and four job professions, which are alchemists, blacksmiths, tailors and artisans. Each class is able to craft or make specific items depending on their job levels. This new system is a great addition as it provides players of a new experience that isn't available on Ragnarok online. Being able to gather items from the field or monster corpses, lets players experience another side of gaming besides the mindless level grind. Ragnarok Online 2:LoTS also keeps to its roots by maintaining its unique job advancement system which lets players choose their classes and customize their stats and skills to their own preferences.

Ragnarok Online 2:LoTS's quest system is also easy to understand. It also provides an auto-tracking system that marks a players map to let them know where to go. This is a very helpful feature in games that have large 3D maps where it is very easy to get lost. The quest system is also the primary way of leveling up in Ragnarok Online 2:LoTs, a lot different from Ragnarok Online 2 which focuses on manual player grinding or, in simple terms, killing monsters over and over again. This quest system, in my opinion, is a great change for Ragnarok, because as a gamer, I know how boring it is to keep mindlessly grinding for hours.

One of the famous features in Ragnarok Online was its card system, which lets players collect rare cards to slot into their equipment. These cards are imbued with additional effects that boosts a character. Ragnarok Online 2:LoTS keeps this card system, but removes the need for equipment. Cards are now directly attached on a character. Players are also able to keep a collection of their cards with a card album, which also lets them keep a record of all the cards they have and have not collected. The card system is one of Ragnarok Online's best features, it's no wonder that Ragnarok online 2:LoTS chose to keep this system.

Although Ragnarok Online 2:LoTS has a lot of features that will interest and amaze players. It still has a long way to go in order to compete with its predecessor, Ragnarok Online, which still has a huge number of loyal players and fans. Hardcore Ragnarok Online fans would find this game as a change of scene rather than an upgrade from Ragnarok Online. They will find themselves playing a new game where they recognize some things, but, overall, are playing a new game. Ragnarok Online 2:LoTS still has a lot more updates that will be introduced in the near future, which could make the game better. As a previous Ragnarok Online gamer, I find Ragnarok Online 2, a refreshing new game to play online. I don't think of it as an upgrade of Ragnarok Online. This game has a lot of potential and could soon be considered as one of the best MMORPGs in the market. Overall, its game play and mechanics are easy to understand, and leveling is a breeze. I would recommend this game to previous Ragnarok players who want a change and are tired of 2D game play. So If you're someone who wants to experience a new kind of MMORPG, check out Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of The Second now!