girlcelly 3D少女カスタムエボリュ 3D Girl Evolution, the successor to the long-running hentai PC game, 3D Custom Girl.  While the original game had you dress up a custom-created girl, then place her in a setting and perform adulterated actions with a transparent male character, this new version has you playing the male character.
You have a house, and you have a wife.  Find her in the house at the start of the game, and you can customize her to your liking.  Have her follow you through the game by holding hands, and you can take her out of the house, to meet nearly 2 dozen female characters, sprawled out over a beautiful japanese island landscape – a school, a hospital, a shrine, an inn… and more!  Interact with these NPCs by yourself, or have threesomes including your wife!  Level-up your wife (currently the maximum level is 3) by having intercourse with her and ejaculating inside of her over and over.  Future DLCs may expand the limit of level 3, but who knows?