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Monday, February 3, 2014

Dragon Age - Origins + DLC

Dragon Age - Origins + DLC - 3DVD

The game "Dragon Age: The Beginning" marks the return to the origins of the genre developer role-playing games and is a fusion of the best visual effects, thrilling story, dynamic combat, incredible magic abilities and realistic characters. In the dark ancient legend of "Dragon Age: The Beginning" revives the spirit of classic role-playing games.

In "Dragon Age: Getting" The player will assume the role of the Grey Guards, one of the last of the ancient order. When evil threatens the world, seeking to destroy all living things need a hero, able to unite fragmented land and destroy the dragon named Arhidemon. For the sake of restoring peace to the player to make tough decisions and be prepared to sacrifice their friends and loved ones for the benefit of all mankind. As the story over and over again he would have to make a decisive choice that determines the fate of the other heroes of the game.
In addition "Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening" Grey Wardens - the ancient order of protectors vowing to unite and protect the earth - fought with the creatures of darkness. Legend has it that the destruction would end Arhidemona centuries-old threat from the creatures of darkness, but somehow they survived. You - Captain Gray Guard and you entrusted the duty of restoring the Order of the Grey Wardens and the secret creatures of darkness, and how they managed to survive you recreate your order, how to resolve the conflict with the "architect", and how to determine the fate of the creatures of darkness - these are just some of the many decisions that will be part of your hazardous journey to the land of Amaranthine.


You - a master of his fate. You decide who quarrel and make friends with anyone. From this choice depends on how your own destiny, and events in the world.
Prelude to adventure. Then who will become a hero in the game where he will begin his journey and what happens to them in the future depends on how you live the very first, the initial episode, which serves a prelude to the whole saga.
Unique battle. Thanks to an innovative scalable combat system, you can take part in epic battles. You will perform against hordes of monsters and giant monsters, but, wisely using the unique abilities of your party, you can give a fitting rebuff to the enemy!
Combined magic. Let the enemies tremble before your magic! In the «Dragon Age» You can combine different spells, attacking the enemies of the magical powers crushing power.
What does not kill you makes you stronger. Each new battle harden your soldiers - they gain experience, learn new spells and skills, acquire new talent and gain access to even more powerful weapons.

System requirements:
v Operating System: Windows ® XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
v Processor: Intel Core 2/Athlon 64 1.6 GHz (Intel Core 2 1.8 GHz / Athlon 2,2 GHz • Windows Vista / Windows 7)
v Memory: 1 GB (2 GB for Vista / 7)
v Video: 256MB ATI Radeon X1900 (for Windows XP), ATI Radeon X2000 (for Vista / Windows 7) or NVIDIA GeForce 8800/GeForce GT220
v Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
v Free space on hard disk:
- 23 gigabytes in your game
- 5 gigabytes in a folder "My Documents"